Scottish election 2016: Nicola Sturgeon accused of being arrogant by Labour's Kezia Dugdale as new poll reveals SNP on for huge victory

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Nicola Sturgeon Bids To Become SNP Leader And First Minister
Sturgeon's SNP are set to win a big majority in the election this summer (Source: Getty)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of being "utterly arrogant" by the Scottish Labour leader after declaring victory in the Scottish election before the vote has been cast.

Kezia Dugdale said the upcoming election was the "most interesting, exciting and important we have ever faced" and that new devolved powers meant Scottish voters would be able to see "who our leaders really are".

"Nicola Sturgeon keeps confidently announcing that Labour is only fighting for second place," Dugdale said.

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"Just think about what that means - she's already declared victory before any of us have cast a single vote. How utterly arrogant of her," she added. "We're here to tell the First Minister that there are no foregone conclusions in a democracy."

Dugdale's comments came as she addressed the party's coference in Glasgow, where she laid out Scottish Labour's "most radical manifesto ever", pledging an end to austerity.

However, she is fighting an uphill battle as polls have put the Scottish National Party firmly in the lead.

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A recent poll on Holyrood voting intention found the SNP remain 34 points ahead of second-place Labour, with the Conservatives yet to make any noticeable progess.

The poll by Survation found that the SNP took 54 per cent of support, while Labour garnered just 20 per cent and the Conservatives were given 16 per cent.

The election is set to take place on 5 May.

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