Domino's Pizza unveils the "world's first" pizza delivery robot

James Nickerson
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DRU could spell the end for the pizza delivery boy (Source: Domino's)

Domino's Pizza is has taken a military droid and turned it into a the world's first pizza delivery robot called DRU.

DRU, Domino's Robotic Unit, is a prototype which the company says is "unlike anything seen before".

The four-wheeled robot can travel at speeds of up to 20km per hour across footpaths, trails and bike paths.

And when the pizza arrives, the customer has to simply enter a security code on their phone, which unlooks a storage component.

The robot uses base unit sourced from the military and is powered by technology from Australian start up company Marathon Robotics.

That's good news all round now you're food will be kept hot all the way and you won't have to tip. That is, unless you deliver pizzas for a living...

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