France raises a dram to whisky industry as Bonial study reveals it is the nation's drink of choice

Francesca Washtell
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Whisky tasting At The Glenkinchie Distillery
The Scottish whisky industry could be under threat from France's booming interest in the spirit (Source: Getty)

Scotland's reputation as the world's finest producer of whisky could be on the rocks as France is looking to become the number one maker of the classic spirit.

France is now the most prolific whisky drinking nation, according to a study by retail consultants Bonial, with the average person drinking an average of 2.2 litres a year.

Uruguay came in second place, with the average person drinking 1.8 litres a year and the US came in third, consuming 1.4 litres per person on an annual basis.

As well as overtaking wine and cognac as the country's most popular drink, French producers have also set their sights on becoming the best whisky making industry worldwide. ​

"Within 15 years the world’s best whiskies will be French," Nicholas Julhès, head of the Distillerie de Paris, said.

"We will be able to stop copying the Scots to bring a real French style. We have the greatest specialists on the ageing [of alcohol] who have always worked in wine and cognac."

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