Admiral's chief Henry Engelhardt might be setting sail and retiring in May, but at least Captain Birdseye is coming back

Edith Hancock
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Naval gazing: Birdseye wannabes eye up the City

Golden-hearted Admiral Group boss Henry Engelhardt is about to hoist the anchor and retire from his chief exec role at the insurer - and right on cue, one sea-faring brand spokesperson is about to make a comeback.

After news leaked that the nation’s favourite fish finger-themed seafarer will be making a return to TV screens this year, Cap'n Birdseye wannabes gathered at St Katharine Docks on Thursday morning for a spot of naval gazing over the City.

A dozen hopefuls donned their finest sea-faring uniforms and tried their hand at typical "Captain" tasks such as perfecting the wink, fishing, walking with a parrot on their shoulder and balancing a platter of Fish Fingers.

Fans ranged from lookalikes, young men and women, to bearded hipsters who all gathered to see if they could pull off the look.

The famed captain will be making a reappearance in a new £8m ad campaign by Nomad Foods-owned Birds Eye, set to air next month. It's been 10 years since the Birdseye, who was once voted the most recognisable captain of the 90s after Captain Cook, graced British TV screens.

Take that, Captain Pugwash (and Morgan).

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