Work in Canary Wharf? Its new art walking map will change how your spend your lunchtime - and you could get a free Fitbit too

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Workers wearing casual clothes arrive fo
Go on. Have a stroll. (Source: Getty)

Canary Wharf's overlords reckon its bankers don't get out enough.

What with underground walkways, long working hours and exercise bikes installed next to bankers' desks at Barclays, it's no wonder Canary Wharf Group thinks its workers have no idea what the estate looks like in broad daylight.

To encourage them to get out more, the firm has drawn up a map of the estate, featuring 12 art installations to get people to stretch their legs. To incentivise the financial district’s workforce, the group has also partnered with exercise tracker maker Fitbit, offering up fit-tech goodies to those who come up to the surface.

Anyone who tweets a selfie with one of the 12 art installations dotted around the Docklands to @yourcanarywharf with the hashtag #SportReliefCW16 will go into a prize draw to win a Fitbit exercise tracker.

The firm has commissioned a colourful map pointing out the installations around the area but, frankly, it's a useful tool for anyone trying to navigate the labyrinthian estate.

Fitbit's Gareth Jones said: "whether on your way to work or at the weekend, taking a tour of the Estate and the art is a great way to enjoy the surrounding area and increase your steps in the process."