Marylebone residents in fight with Transport for London over Tube noise

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People Travel On London's Underground System
Residents say noise has been "unbearable" (Source: Getty)

Residents in Marylebone are battling Transport for London over the noise Tubes make, according to reports.

The residents said the noise was "as loud as a jet engine" for almost two years, and have made repeated complaints to TfL.

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Homeowners in the area between Baker Street and Marylebone say until August 2014 there were no issues with noise from trains beneath their flats, according to the Evening Standard.

However, it has since crept up to unbearable levels, causing up to 100 residents to complain.

“Either the tracks have deteriorated or something is broken because the noise is now unbearable,” said Kevin Fallon, one of the residents. “It’s got to the point where pictures on the walls are moving and glasses are shaking. This is every 45 to 60 seconds.”

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However, Kevin Dunning, London Underground’s director of network services, said: “I want to apologise to those who are being disturbed and assure them we are doing all we can to reduce noise and vibration.

"We recently undertook maintenance in the Baker Street area and last month grinded a section of rail to reduce the noise.”

And that's before the Night Tube has even launched...