Budget 2016: Forget Isas and pensions - people really want to know... is George Osborne married?

Lynsey Barber
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Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne samples chocolate during a tour of Small Business Saturday Christmas Fair at the Treasury in London
Google's keeping track of waht we search for (Source: Getty)

It's Budget day, and what do people want to know about George Osborne? Not what you'd expect.

Perhaps it's his transformation from pudgy pen pusher into svelte statesman, but the wonder that is Google - and its magic ability to tell you exactly what people are thinking - reveals they want to know one rather surprising thing about him... is the chancellor married?

Who knew that's what's really on the nations mind?

Osborne might find that rather flattering, but it's the top search term that might leave him thinking that the makeover just hasn't gone far enough yet. And that he's not quite ready to take on rival wannabe Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While the London mayor is recognised by many internationally, most of Britain is still asking the question... who is George Osborne? Poor old George.

And for anyone wondering, the chancellor has been married to author Frances, since 1998.

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