Budget 2016: What were chancellor George Osborne’s favourite words used in his speech?

James Nickerson
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George Osborne Presents The 2016 Budget Statement To The House Of Commons
Osborne made a Budget focussed on the "next generation" (Source: Getty)

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a range of new measures in his Budget - but he took 9,223 words to do it.

He used the speech to draw attention to the benefits of the European Union, unveil measures to clamp down on tax avoidance, while introducing a new lifetime Isa and raising the personal threshold.

But how Osborne concluded was key to the theme of his Budget: "I commend to the House a Budget that puts the next generation first."

That's why Osborne drew attention to the next generation so often in a Budget that sought to look to the long term and future.

The chancellor also wanted to draw attention to saving - tying that in with the next generation by launching the lifetime Isa.

Security, the theme of previous Budgets slipped off.

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