Budget 2016: The UK is hugely split on what it most wants to come out of George Osborne's red box today

Catherine Neilan
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If you wish hard enough, Osborne might just grant you what you want (Source: Getty)

You can't please all of the people all of the time. And if you're a politician, you're probably used to pleasing none of the people most of the time.

And if he wants to please the people of London, George Osborne is going to have to pull more than one rabbit out of his red box today.

Data sifted through by Google shows that what we are searching for has varied hugely borough by borough - in Westminster and Camden the killer issue is tax credits, while in Southwark and Lambeth people are more concerned with welfare. The people of Greenwich are obsessing over healthcare, while in Richmond the big topic is education. In Lewisham, meanwhile, there is one thing on people's minds: the EU referendum.

Looking at the rest of the country, there is even greater variety. Pensions is a bug-bear in East Anglia, while on the Scottish borders people want to know what is happening with the deficit. Down in Brighton, austerity is dominating, while concerns about unemployment are dotted throughout the country.

Check out the interactive map below to find out what your local authority is searching for most.

Will Osborne please the people of Perthshire or keep those in Kent happiest?

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