Tesco is "on the cusp of something new", says UK boss Matt Davies as he sets out three key ways supermarket hopes to win back customers

Catherine Neilan
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"We are fixing Tesco under the hood," Davies said (Source: Getty)

The country's biggest retailer Tesco is "on the cusp of something new", its UK boss has said today, in his first public outing since taking the helm.

Matt Davies, who joined last May from Halfords, told delegates at the Retail Week Live conference that customers were "more positive about Tesco than they've been for years".

Tesco beat forecasts for Christmas trading and customer satisfaction was up between three and five per cent, helping the retailer's share price begin to recover from the pounding it had taken over the last 18 months.

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In a blog post published today, Davies said he wanted to turn "Tesco from a company that runs shops, into a company that serves people".

In it, he prioritised three key areas that focused on Tesco's shop floor staff: listening better to the team so that "we'll be better at serving customers"; better engaging staff so they will be inspired "to champion Tesco because they are proud of the business they work for" and "offering outstanding service, at scale".

Davies said: "Along with lots of little helps – there are some extremely big helps, that – at times – only Tesco is truly capable of, and that is truly amazing.

"We are fixing Tesco under the hood with brilliant retail basics, but we are also building a groundswell around little helps that will define us going forward, and help us build momentum for the future."