Play along to Budget 2016 with interactive George Osborne buzzword bingo!

Tax Breaks For Bingo Announced In The Budget
Play along at home (Source: Getty)

Roll up, roll up - it's the event we've all been waiting for. Chancellor George Osborne stands up to deliver his eighth Budget today.

Bored of hearing the same phrases over and over? Now you can inject a bit of excitement, by roping in your friends and colleagues and playing Budget bingo at home.

How to play: The bingo card will randomly generate words and phrases you're most likely to hear (and some you're not) when Osborne takes to the despatch box. Click on a phrase when you hear it. The first person to fill their card gets the round in...

Make the Budget fun with this handy, interactive bingo card. Osborne's favourite phrases are randomly generated - so play along with friends or colleagues by clicking on the points above the sayings to "dab" them when you hear them.

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