Budget 2016 odds: EU referendum and taxes will be George Osborne's hot buzzwords, but what about Donald Trump?

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Conservative Party Conference Held In Birmingham - Day 2
There's a five per cent chance of Trump getting a mention from Osborne (Source: Getty)

George Osborne wouldn't pass up an opportunity to talk Brexit in his Budget.

Referendum is a favourite for getting a mention in the chancellor's speech on Wednesday with a 90 per cent chance of popping up and he's predicted to slip in the word tax in 95 times - that's once every 36 seconds - in the predicted 57 minute presentation.

At least that's less than last year when bookies forecast 108 utterances of the T-word.

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“Osborne will deliver his budget speech amid a much changed political climate than last March. It’s no secret that he has had eyes on Number 10 for some time, and a poor result in the EU referendum may just see the battle to be the next leader of the Conservative party ignite," said Sporting Index's political spokesperson Ed Fulton.

“Whereas last March he was the only real candidate, the entrance of Boris Johnson into the frame, and a whole host of other ambitious Conservative MPs, will likely focus Osborne’s mind on the task at hand. He should keep it shorter than his triumphant emergency budget in July, but with a boisterous pack of SNP MPs keen to make their voices heard, the house may well be called to order on multiple occasions,” he forecast.

In fact, it's expected the house will be called to order three times during his speech.

What about direct references to rival wannabe Prime Minister Boris Johnson? Unlikely. Just a 14 per cent chance of getting a mention at 6/1 odds, according to Ladbrokes.

Even less likely of a nod, is Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Odds of 16/1 would be a long shot but would give any punter a pretty penny if Osborne did drop it in.

Last year's Autumn Statement was overtaken by security in a defence-heavy speech. Now, taxes and economics will return to centre stage - not forgetting Long Term Economic Plan, with odds of 1/5 for a mention.

As ever, Osborne's most likely to don a blue tie for the event.

Osborne's budget buzzword odds

Referendum (1/10)

China (1/5)

Long Term Economic Plan (1/5)

Migrants (1/2)

Petrol Prices (4/6)

Buy To Let (Evs)

Global Headwinds (3/1)

E-Cigarettes (4/1)

Zero Hours (5/1)

Boris (6/1)

Donald Trump (16/1)

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