British Gas Boiler IQ will text you when it's faulty with latest smart home device after Hive

Lynsey Barber
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Your boiler will talk to you via text

A boiler that can diagnose its own faults and text you about it is the latest device from British Gas in its mission to make the nations homes smarter.

BoilerIQ uses sensors to identify data which can reveal a problem before a customer has even noticed. They'll then receive a message to let them know something's wrong, while engineers can use the information to identify the problem before they go out to fix it.

“Boiler IQ is a hugely exciting innovation, helping British Gas to stand apart in the home services market, and offering unrivalled benefits to our HomeCare customers," said Matthew Bateman, managing director of residential services at British Gas.

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“We know from two years trialling this product just how important it is for our customers to be in control and have peace of mind that their home will stay warm, safe and working."

It's the latest step in British Gas's ambitious £500m investment in connected homes technology. It launched Hive, a device which lets users control their heating and lights from their smartphone.

BoilerIQ will be available to British Gas HomeCare customers with Worcester Bosch boilers from 21 March.

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