Top 10 UK cities for mobile performance: Move to Manchester to make your phone work better

Lynsey Barber
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Can you hear me? Probably not in London (Source: Getty)

It's time to leave London and move to Manchester if you want your mobile to work better.

The northern city is ranked the best city in the UK for using a mobile for calls, texting and data, leaving the capital languishing at number 13. The performance is based on reliability, data speeds across the networks EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.

Manchester knocked Liverpool from the top spot into third place, while Birmingham claimed third place, according to the research by mobile performance analytics firm Rootmetrics.

Meanwhile, London performed dismally tumbled four spots, and failed to rank any higher than 10 in any of the individual categories of reliability, speed, data, calling or text.

"Providing good mobile coverage in London is always going to be difficult due to the density of the population, the architecture and changes in demand on capacity," said European general manager Scott Stonham.

"Our data shows there is still some room for improvement in some of the UK’s most populous areas, and more needs to be done to ensure a good mobile service - a vital part of a city’s basic infrastructure," he added.

Top 10 cities for  phone performance

1. Manchester

2. Birmingham

3. Liverpool

4. Coventry

5. Belfast

6. Sheffield

7. Nottingham

8. Leicester

9. Edinburgh

10. Leeds and Bradford