Mipim 2016: The Scottish Cities Alliance is wooing property bosses with boozy "Scottish hospitality"

Edith Hancock
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Industry leaders are invited to enjoy "Scottish hospitality" in Cannes (Source: Getty)

London's property folk are well-known for partying hard. But will Scottish civil servants drink them all under the table in Cannes this week?

Scottish Cities Alliance, a government body uniting Scotland's seven cities, has announced its presence at Mipim by sending out invitations to three separate parties throughout the week. The invites don't explain what officials will actually be doing there - apart from plying fellow property bosses with alcohol...

The SCA is hosting a gin-tasting session on Tuesday, a whiskey evening on Wednesday and a craft-beer boozer on Thursday night. The alliance is trying to woo property types with the chance to "connect with key figures from each of the country's cities and enjoy some Scottish hospitality".

Not content with free booze on the night, the SCA is even giving away a bottle of rare Tomatin 1988 Malt Whisky in a prize draw for anyone who registers for the networking events.

Rather worryingly, the alliance describes the coveted liquor as smelling like "breakfast in a glass".

The SCA may be able to win industry leaders over to get them to develop their businesses in Scotland, but will they remember what they agreed to next week?

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