Yo, Trump, I'ma let you finish: Over half of people outside the US think Kanye West would be a better US President than Donald Trump

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Well, at least Kanye West's campaign videos would be good (Source: Getty)

As Kanye himself would say: yo, Trump, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Kanye could have one of the best Presidential candidacies of all time...

Yep, if US election campaigns weren't already bizarre enough this year, it turns out people outside the US would like to see Kanye West throw himself into the race.

Donald Trump may have dominated talk around the US electoral race this year, but the rest of the world would rather West moved into the White House in November, according to new research, which found over half of people living outside the US reckon the motor-mouthed musician would make a better head of state than Republican hopeful Trump. That's despite speculation he wouldn't be able to afford to run...

Could this be another explanation as to why West called on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg last month to "invest $1bn in Kanye West ideas"? US electoral campaigns are notoriously expensive; according to the BBC, campaigners racked up an estimated $6bn across all parties in 2012.

While only 15 per cent of those surveyed by MTV's parent company, Viacom International, think Kanye West would make a good President, most think he's the lesser of two evils.

Despite currently leading the race to become the Republican candidate running for office, Trump is perceived as the least qualified of all candidates. People across the globe say he's egotistical, disrespectful, offensive and a bully.

The French are toughest on Trump, with over 80 per cent saying he is unqualified for the role. And Mexicans love Kanye, with 79 per cent saying they would pick him over Trump to become the next US President.

Although maybe it wasn't the rapper who won hearts across the globe. People also had a lot of time for his wife, Kim Karshashian, with one in five saying she'd make a great First Lady.

The study found that Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton is the world's favourite Presidential candidate. Around two thirds of those asked said she seemed like the most competent candidate in the electoral race, with Republican Marco Rubio coming in second.

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