You didn't miss it: Clocks go forward on 27 March 2016 and your iPhone and Android phone will automatically change time - but here's what to do if it doesn't

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You might not feel like this on 27 March (Source: Getty)

Did you get caught out by the US' daylight savings change yesterday? The UK has another fortnight to wait for our clocks to "spring forward" to 27 March.

The bad news is you might have got up an hour early this weekend. The good news is that when it does eventually happen it will be Easter Sunday and therefore you're likely to have at least another day to readjust to the loss of sleep.

That's good because there's plenty of evidence to suggest it affects our "vigilance and cognitive function". However you will have to be on alert to ensure your Easter eggs are not being swiped while you get to grips with the lost hour.

The other good news is that from then on, your mornings will be brighter so getting up should be easier. Should be.

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Back before the days of the smartphone we would have to make a note to update our alarm so that we didn't oversleep and miss that crucial brunch/meeting. But if you have an iPhone or Android device it will automatically update, meaning your confusion about whether you've gained an hour or lost an hour or whether the clocks have even changed will probably last until you look at a kitchen clock.

But technology is not without its flaws. Here is what you should do if your iPhone is an hour behind everyone on Easter Sunday:

  1. Check to see that your phone has the most up-to-date version of iOS
  2. Go into settings, select “general” and select “date & time”.
  3. When you're inside the time setting, check that you have the right time zone selected. If it isn't the right one, turn off the “set automatically” option, and select the correct time zone manually.

And here's what to do if your Android doesn't update automatically:

  1. Open your device's Settings app
  2. Touch Date & time.
  3. Untick Automatic date & time or Automatic time zone.
  4. Enter the date, time or time zone.

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