Celebrity guests Michael Buble, Lord William Hague and Go-Compare's Wynne Evans gave thanks to Lord Ashcroft at his 70th birthday party

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Lord Ashcroft received high praise at his 70th birthday bash (Source: Getty)

There were plenty of famous faces extremely happy to be at Lord Ashcroft’s 70th Birthday party last weekend.

Michael Buble, William Hague and Katherine Jenkins were just a few who entertained at the do on Park Lane’s Grosvenor House Hotel. The Capitalist wonders if Lord Hague isn’t getting a bit tired of the Mayfair hotel; he was entertaining CEOs at PwC’s publicly listed company awards at the same venue only last week. Mind you, his pay-cheque must have brought some comfort.

A loose-tongued exec familiar with the matter said Hague “definitely didn’t come cheap” as the PLC Awards’ special guest. City A.M. also hears that stars at Ashcroft's do were paid eyebrow-raising five-figure sums.

Another familiar face that some were less pleased to see was Wynne Evans, the infamously irritating Pavarotti-impersonator in Go Compare’s TV ads.

The Capitalist’s mole at the party says the singer led a grandiose cover of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Modern Major-General song, with new lyrics turning it into a tribute to Ashcroft and his wonderful achievements.

“He tries to touch the feelings of so many people’s minds and hearts, He is the very model of a modern man of many parts” was just one excerpt from the re-write, repeated three times after five separate verses. Pass the bucket...

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