Canary Wharf's workers are better at watching horse races on the sly than those in the Square Mile

Edith Hancock
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Financiers in the Docklands keep their eyes on the prize (Source: Getty)

You would think that, second to attending Cheltenham Festival itself, watching the races is a favourite pastime of those working in the Square Mile's oldest and grandest financial firms.

Tell that to bookmakers at Ladbrokes, who claim that bankers in Canary Wharf are far fonder of sneakily watching the action at work than their peers in the City.

According to Ladbrokes' post code data for betting activity on mobile devices last year, Canary Wharfers outnumber the City of London for live streaming of races during working hours. Three times as many Canary Wharf workers get away with watching the races at work compared to those in the City.

London's financial firms are notoriously strict on work ethic, but it looks like bankers in the Docklands are far craftier than their City siblings when it comes to being able to watch the racing during the working hours.

A spokesperson for Ladbrokes said to listen out for "muffled cheers from 'booked' meeting rooms, stairwells and even toilets over the next week as festival fanatics punt away".

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