From the best US barbecue restaurants to the Senior Bankers' Regime: What got you reading this week

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Feeling hungry? Head to Texas...

1. US barbecue restaurants

City A.M. readers are clearly experiencing wanderlust: our US roadtrip sampling 32 of the US' most mouth-watering barbecue restaurants stormed to the top of our rankings this week. Find out where was finger-lickin' good here.

2. Another supermarket sweep

Asda and Morrisons' share of of the market fell further this week - while sales at Tesco tumbled. Meanwhile, the discounters were hoovering up customers, Kantar figures showed.

3. The Senior Bankers' Regime hit

From Monday, bankers were faced with seven years in jail or a limitless fine, as new regulation designed to hold senior managers to account was introduced. The sector was, understandarbly, worried, saying the rules will put individuals under "further stress".

4. The Budget loomed

The UK braced itself for next week's Budget, after the chancellor reportedly u-turned on plans to introduce major changes to pensions. Here's what we're expecting when he takes to the despatch box on Wednesday.

5. John Lewis revealed its bonus round

Forget bank bonuses - the hype this week was around John Lewis, which did its traditional bonus "big reveal" at its Oxford Street store on Friday. Alright, so for most it wasn't quite six figures - but it was better than a kick in the teeth...

Leisurely reads

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Great reads from elsewhere

Almost a year after shared parental leave was introduced in the UK, the FT speaks to the fathers bringing up baby.

As equities yoyo and currencies go wild, what should you be investing in now? Bloomberg looks at the asset class known as collectibles - which encompasses everything from fine wine to Picassos.

As buy-to-let investing becomes a dirty word in the UK, here's an idea: why not hire your home out as a film location? The New York Times speaks to those who do - but be warned, it's not necessarily for the houseproud...

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