EU referendum: Former British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) director general John Longworth reportedly joining eurosceptic Vote Leave campaign

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Vote Leave is vying to be the official anti-EU campaign (Source: Getty)

Former British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) boss John Longworth is reportedly joining Vote Leave, less than one week after his controversial resignation from one of Britain's biggest business groups.

Sky News reported this afternoon that Longworth attended a Vote Leave campaign meeting today and agreed to take on a formal role with the eurosceptic group.

Vote Leave is one of multiple eurosceptic groups vying for official campaign status in the run-up to the referendum on Britain's European Union membership on 23 June. Grassroots Out (GO) and Leave.EU have also made clear that they want the Electoral Commission's seal of approval.

The BCC said Sunday night that Longworth had stepped down as director general of the business group with immediate effect.

Longworth was first suspended from the role last week after backing Brexit.

Multiple eurosceptics, including Tory MP David Davis, accused Downing Street of influencing the BCC's decision, but the BCC flatly rejected reports that the government played a role in the Longworth's initial suspension or ultimate resignation.

The BCC has repeatedly said it will not campaign for either side in the run-up to the EU referendum on 23 June.

A recent BCC survey of its members found that 60 per cent would vote to remain in the EU, while only 30 per cent would vote to leave.

Vote Leave declined to comment.

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