EU referendum: Iceland's Prime Minister says the UK doesn't have any power in the EU as it is dominated by Germany

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Visits The UK
The EU is dominated by German interests, Gunnlaugsson said (Source: Getty)

The United Kingdom has no real say over decisions made in the European Union, as it is increasingly dominated by German interests, Iceland's Prime Minister has said.

Member states such as the UK, despite their size, are subject to "diminishing power" in the institutions of the European Union, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson said.

Gunnlaugsson warned that the 28-member bloc's institutions were still very much under the direction of the Franco-German alliance.

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“When it comes to the big stuff the decisions are made by two, and increasingly one country," Gunnlaugsson told The Telegraph.

“Others are called to meetings to approve of what has been decided, if not in the afternoon then during the middle of the night.

“This seems to have become the standard way of doing things in Brussels," he added.

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Iceland, which is not a member of the European Union, but has access to the Single Market and is free to make bilateral trade deals around the world, is seen by some as a potential model for Britain in a post-Brexit world.

But those campaigning for the UK's continued membership of the EU say that Iceland is subject to EU regulations without any say in how they are made.

Though Gunnlaugsson would not say what he thinks the UK should do come 23 June, he added Iceland would look for a free trade deal with Britain in any eventuality.

“The UK is one of our most important trading partners and whatever you decide to do we would like to have a free trade deal with you, whether through the EEA or independently” he said.

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