Cargo planes filled with emergency biscuits have landed in Doncaster to save the nation from the great British biscuit shortage

Edith Hancock
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Emergency biscuits are in - but where's the emergency tea? (Source: Getty)

Biscuit lovers had their hearts broken last year when McVitie's Carlisle factory was put out of action by flooding in December, but rest assured that help is on the way.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport has welcomed two Boeing 777 aircraft full of biscuits into the region in the last two weeks.

Dayle Hauxwell, cargo manager for Doncaster Sheffield Airport said: “There has been a lot of press coverage about Britain’s biscuit shortage following the floods in December and we are pleased to hear that the factories hope to be up and running again this month. In the mean time we’ve been delighted to welcome two flights from Emirates full of the nation’s favourite biscuits.

“We’ve welcomed all sorts of different cargo over the years from a pride of lions to last year’s consignment of tea, but this time we’ve quite literally ‘taken the biscuit."

These flights also mark the first flights from Emirates SkyCargo, the cargo airline, based in Dubai to Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Earlier this year, McVitie's owner United Biscuits warned of shortage of a number of products under the McVitie’s, Jacob's, Carr’s and Crawford’s brands following the devastation wreaked by Storms Eva and Desmond during the Christmas period.

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