PMQs today: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says government is cutting corporation tax while child poverty rates are going up

Lauren Fedor
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Corbyn at a Stop Trident rally in London last month (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused Prime Minister David Cameron of putting the interests of corporations over those of poor children.

In Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) today, Corbyn said that chancellor George Osborne "found another £6.6bn to lower corporation tax, despite our corporation tax being lower" than most other major economies.

Corbyn went on to cite statistics from the Children's Society showing that at the same time, public spending on children is falling.

"Doesn't this demonstrate a wrong choice by the Prime Minister?" Corbyn asked.

Prime Minister David Cameron replied saying: "The point of setting tax rates is to raise money, rather than make a political point."

"Corporation tax receipts are up by 20 per cent under this government," Cameron added. "So we have more money to spend on children."

Corbyn came back by claiming that child poverty rates have gone up under Cameron's leadership, but the Prime Minister insisted that Osborne and the Conservatives had "an excellent record of steering this nation's economy".

"There are 680,000 fewer workless households," Cameron said. That is 680,000 households where someone is bringing home a wage, putting food on the table, and under us, paying less tax."

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