Taxi protest is shutting down roads around Whitehall (again) as campaigners demonstrate against Uber and other PHVs

Catherine Neilan
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Unlike previous protests, taxi drivers have taken to their feet today (Source: Getty)

Bad news if you're hoping to drive through parts of central London today.

Taxi drivers holding a protest around Whitehall are causing major disruption to local roads - but this time the campaigners are actually on foot.

Protesters boasted that roads around the seat of government - including Parliament Square, Westminster Bridge, Victoria Street, Charing Cross Road, Haymarket, Whitehall and Trafalgar Square - had been brought to a virtual standstill.

Demonstrators carried signs claiming that "Cameron ignores rape for friends at Uber" and "no woman is safe in a minicab" as they challenge government over safety standards regarding private hire vehicles.

Transport for London warned that the protest was affecting roads between Trafalgar Square and Richmond Terrace.

"Expect long delays," the network tweeted ominously.

Meanwhile, an Uber spokesperson said: “Black cab drivers and private hire drivers go through exactly the same enhanced criminal records checks so it’s unclear what this latest protest is about.”

Traffic delays site Waze is currently estimating the protests will add 24 minutes to commuters' journeys.

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