Qatar tops list of best airlines - while Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet languish near the bottom of the table

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Calling all frequent fliers. A new survey has revealed the "saints and sinners" of the airline industry - and you might be surprised at some of the worst offenders.

Qatar Airways tops the AirHelp list, receiving full marks for quality, 8.7 out of 10 for being on time and 8.1 for claim processing.

Dutch airline KLM comes a close second, beating its Middle Eastern rival on punctuality and claims, but falling behind on quality. Meanwhile, Latvian firm Air Baltic comes third, scoring an impressive 9.4 for its time keeping and 9.3 for claim processing, although quality left a lot to be desired, with just six out of 10.

Top 10 airlines

1) Qatar Airlines (8.9)

2) KLM (8.5)

3) Air Baltic (8.2)

4) Air France (8.2)

5) Lufthansa (8.2)

6) Air Canada (8)

7 Emirates (7.9)

8) Croatia Airlines (7.9)

9) British Airways (7.8)

10) FinnAir (7.8)

British Airways slipped into the top 10 best airlines, taking the ninth spot ahead of FinnAir. But fellow British firms Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet were at the bottom of the list, taking positions 32 and 33 respectively, with poor marks on claims processing dragging their overall figures down.

The list focuses on most travelled airlines for UK travellers - thus not including groups such as Malaysia Airlines.

10 Worst Airlines

1) Sata International (5.2)

2) EasyJet (5.8)

3) Virgin Atlantic (6.2)

4) Swiss International (6.4)

5) TAP Portugal (6.8)

6) Aer Lingus (6.8)

7) Iberia (7)

8) Alitalia (7)

9) Icelandair (7)

10) Norwegian Air Shuttle (7.1)

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