BruiseDog, more like: Scottish craft beer company BrewDog shows how not to conduct recruitment on BBC2 "Who's the Boss" show

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Craft beer company BrewDog has faced criticism after its appearance on BBC2 last night (Source: Getty)

Scottish craft beer company BrewDog gave a lesson in how not to conduct recruitment last night when its co-founder featured on the final episode of the BBC2 programme "Who's the Boss?", and Twitter made sure the company knew it wasn't impressed.

On the show, the Aberdeenshire-based company hired an area manager for its London and South East bar division - with a twist.

Instead of James Watt, the company's chief executive, choosing between three hand-picked hopefuls, the entire 200-strong staff of the company were handed the reins and chose which person to hire, after candidates Luci, Andi and Russell spent a week tackling different workplace tasks.

"We make hardcore, artisanal craft beers for punks," Watts said on the show.

The company's office culture is heavy on beer, beards and tattoos, with the staff describing an ideal employee as "not wearing a suit, liking beer and looking good".

But the Twitter tide turned against the company as the programme unfolded and BrewDog's commitment to punk and hipster culture became clear, Watts said he didn't believe any of the candidates were suited to the job and then posed questions such as: "How would you empty a 747 full of jelly beans?"

Watts summed up the problem nicely in a couple of his own tweets:

However, the company's appearance seems to have lost it business as well as kudos:

Other employees of the company also leapt to BrewDog's defence:

BrewDog declined to comment.

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