Underwriters should sleep with one eye open; one in ten Brits have admitted to stealing an umbrella, and Square Mile insurers have the best brollies

Edith Hancock
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Wet And Windy Weather Hits The UK
It's not stealing if they said they love the rain... (Source: Getty)

If you’re planning to shelter under a brolly with rain forecasted this week, there's every chance it will be stolen, as over one in ten people admit to pinching umbrellas.

Of those that have stolen an umbrella, almost a quarter (23 per cent) took it from a work colleague, while 18 per cent have stolen one from a stranger on public transport or at a station, according to research from insurer Churchill.

Claire Foster, spokesperson at Churchill Insurance said: "Faced with the prospect of arriving at work, or to meet a friend, completely bedraggled it is easy to see why someone might be tempted to "liberate" an umbrella."

"Those keeping an umbrella under their desk or leaving it at a restaurant entrance might want to keep a close eye on it because otherwise they may be the one walking home in the rain."

Underwriters should sleep with one eye-open; the City's insurance firms are well known for having the best umbrellas in town.

A survey from insurer Gracechurch last year found that branded umbrellas from XL Catlin are the sturdiest in the Square Mile, while fellow City firm Ascot was found to have the prettiest brollies. Both were found to be the most coveted pieces of office stash in the City.

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