UK house prices: You can actually buy a flat in Preston for the price of a Ford Fiesta - or a property in Greater London for an Aston Martin

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It might be hard to believe, but you could buy a property in (Greater) London for the price of a (very expensive) car.

Of course, it might be quite a toss-up: your £100,000 can get you either a one bed flat in Tilbury, near Romford - the cheapest property available in what estate agents call London (even though it's clearly Essex) or a brand new Aston Martin Sportshift Roadster.

In Cambridge, the cheapest property available - a one bed flat in nearby village Chesterton - has to compete against the even flashier Ferrari California.

House or car? The below infographic lists the most expensive of the cheapest properties out there - or the cars you buy with the money instead.

House or car? You decide

1) Cambridge: One bed flat or Ferrari California

2) Guildford: One bed house or Lamborghini Spyder?

3) Oxford: One bed flat or Audi R8

4) Brighton: Studio or BMW i8

5) London: One bed flat or Aston Martin Sportshift

6) Bath: One bed flat or Audi A8

7) Bristol: One bed flat or Mercedes Benz SL

And although it can feel impossible to get on the UK housing ladder at times, online estate agent House Simple claims to have found properties that can be bought for the price of a Ford Fiesta (a two bed flat in Preston, for £15,000), a Skoda (a one bed flat in Liverpool) and a Ford Mondeo (a studio flat in Bradford city centre).

The below infographic shows options at the cheaper end of the scale.

House or car? These are the cheapest options around

1) Preston: Two bed flat or Ford Fiesta?

2) Liverpool: One bed flat or Skoda New Superb Hatch

3) Bradford: Studio or Ford Mondeo

4) Hartlepool: Two bed house or VW Golf GTI

5) Glasgow: One bed flat or Lexus IS 250 SE

6) Newcastle: One bed flat or Nissan 370Z Coupe

7) Hull: One bed flat or Honda CR-V

Chief executive Alex Gosling said: “It’s hard to believe that you can still buy a property in the UK for the price of a Ford Fiesta and a house for the price of a VW Golf GTI... but this research does prove there are bargains to be found on the property market, even with average house prices at almost record levels – it just requires a little research and probably a lick of paint.”

City AM So, what'll it be? A one bed flat in Cambridge or Ferrari California?

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