International Women's Day 2016: Aberdeen Asset Management boss Martin Gilbert uses International Women's Day to showcase his skills in the kitchen

Edith Hancock
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Gilbert and Langan break down gender stereotypes

Aberdeen Asset Management are launching a new global initiative to celebrate people’s differences, but boss Martin Gilbert would rather celebrate his skills in the kitchen.

The financial firm is launching its own campaign; #iamonlydifferentbecause. More than 500 of the firm’s workforce from all over the world have shared what makes them different for a montage of photographs that Aberdeen has made into a film for its own website to mark International Women's Day.

Using the slogan "I Am Only Different Because…" they were snapped holding a card celebrating their individual differences, whether its a love of martial arts, a hatred of washing up or a secret talent for riding a unicycle.

The initiative aims to promote the value that diversity and inclusion brings to the workplace, although Gilbert used the photo opp to let the financial world know he cooks a mean roast.

Meanwhile, Gilbert's PA Clare Langan took the opportunity to reject gender stereotypes and declare her aversion to the culinary arts.

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