Night Tube: 24-hour weekend service on the Central, Jubilee, Nothern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines could finally get the go-ahead

Caitlin Morrison
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The night Tube could be on track as early as this summer (Source: Getty)

Tube train drivers' union Aslef is to vote on a new pay deal tomorrow - and it's going to back the offer.

It will be the second union to approve the deal, after RMT announced last week that 84 per cent of its membership had voted in favour of it. A third union, TSSA, has recommended its members accept the deal too.

With drivers accepting the latest pay offer, the night Tube could be on track as early as this summer - almost a year later than was originally planned.

The 24-hour weekend service was due to launch in September 2015 but was derailed after Tube staff refused to accept the terms being put forward. London's commuters were thrown into chaos on several occasions because of strike action, as workers sought assurances that their "work-life balance" would be maintained, rejecting several pay deals in the process.

This time around, Tube drivers have been offered a one per cent pay rise backdated to April 2015, plus a £500 consolidated increase for all pay grades.

In 2016 and 2017 pay will rise by RPI or one per cent, whichever is the greater, and in 2018 drivers will get RPI plus 0.25 per cent, or one per cent, whichever is greater.

They have also been offered a £500 non-consolidated payment to all operational staff upon the successful launch of the night Tube.

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