And the winner is...Deliveroo announces the winning companies from its 100 lunches competition

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Charity workers will be showered with free gourmet pizza (Source: Getty)

Last week was a big one for awards. While Britain's top bosses were showered with gongs at Thursday's PLC Awards Dinner and European bankers were commended by the City of London Corporation at an awards party at Manison House, London's staffers battled tooth and nail for free food in Deliveroo's 100 lunches competition.

Upmarket takeaway transporters Deliveroo launched its corporate competition at the start of last week, asking office workers to register their own employers in a bid to win 100 meals for everyone in their office.

After a vicious battle, which saw many firms playing dirty tricks to secure a top spot on the leaderboard, Deliveroo has sorted the data and announced the winners from the small, medium and large company categories: two tech firms Touch Surgery and UKFast, and Cancer Research UK.

Finding the rightful winners was no mean feat, as some began cheating to secure the free food up for grabs. Staff at Transport for London, for example, initially entered listing the firm as a small company (employing between 1-50 staff). TfL's latest workforce report, on the other hand, says that it employs around 23,000 full-time staff.

Despite TfL staff's best efforts, the firm still languished at the bottom of the board with just eight nominations

Meanwhile, Deliveroo's own workers tried to win the company's own competition, with staff at the Manchester branch making it to the top of the leader board earlier on Wednesday. Fortunately, a spokesperson confirmed that Deliveroo entries were automatically disqualified.

Congratulations to the winners. We're not bitter about losing at all....

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