Star investor Jim Rogers predicts US recession within a year

Jessica Morris
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Bruce Cabot
Rogers said historically recessions happen every four to seven years (Source: Getty)

One well-known investor has said that he thinks there's a 100 per cent probability of the US economy sliding into recession within one year.

Jim Rogers, the chairman on Rogers Holdings, told Bloomberg TV: "It's been seven years since we had the last recession in the US, and normally, historically we have them every four to seven years for whatever reason - at least we always have. It doesn't have to happen in four to seven years, but look at the debt, the debt is staggering."

While there are increasing murmurs among economists, investors and analysts that another US recession could be on the horizon, the majority would disagree with this.

Official figures from the US' statistics bureau showed US job openings rose to 242,000, smashing expectations of 195,000, and also helping to allay these fears.

But it wasn't all good news, with wages falling by 0.1 per cent in February, after rising by 0.5 per cent a month earlier.

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