Camra: Pubs charge you for extra sticking to half-pints after work

Helen Cahill
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Drink up: you'll be charged extra for a half-pint (Source: Getty)

Planning to opt for half-pints when you head out for drinks after work today? Pubs could be cheating you out of your hard-earned cash, after it was revealed almost 10 per cent of pubs charge between 41p and 50p more for a half pint.

Research by The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) found half of pubs add 6p-20p to the price of half-pints, prompting the group to call for the extra charges to be outlawed.

The Camra poll of 59 pubs suggested some drinking-holes charge £2 for a half, while a pint of the same beer costs £3 – although you’d be lucky to see such low prices in the heart of the City.

One of the worst offenders was a pub that charged £4.25 for a pint and £2.95 for a half – adding an extra of 82.5p for the half-pint.

The group also surveyed pubs to see if prices were clearly advertised, and found 60 per cent of pubs did not show a price list, adding to confusion for customers

Jonathan Mail, the chief campaigns officer for Camra, said: “There may be a need for pubs to round up to the nearest five pence. However, the wide difference in premium added suggests that some pubs are unfairly penalizing customers trying to drink responsibly by choosing half-pint measures”.

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