EU referendum: Labour MP John Mann states UK paid out £647m for health costs to European countries last year with just £49m received back

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Mann said the money should be going to the NHS (Source: Getty)

The UK paid out more than £647m to European countries for the health costs last year, receiving just £49m in return, according to Labour MP John Mann.

The discrepancy was revealed in a department for health response to Mann, who sits on the Treasury Select Committee.

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Notably, Mann said the UK pays France over £147m and received just over £6m back, while the UK gives Germany over £25m and gets just £2m back.

"Sorting this scandal out in itself would transform the financial situation of the NHS. This is a shambolic state of affairs and we are being played for fools," Mann said.

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He added: "This is money that should directly be going into the NHS and it would make a huge annual difference to its finances."

The comments from Mann come ahead of the impending referendum on 23 June.

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