Geneva International Motor Show 2016: Awkward. Carmakers are still using booth babes, one week before International Women's Day...

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Geneva Motor Show 2016
Carmakers hire girls to brighten up the stage

It may be 2016, but it turns out carmakers are still happy to indulge the decidedly 1970s tradition of paying so-called booth babes to stand alongside their new cars at international motor shows.

Geneva's International Motor Show kicked off this week, with many of the world's larges marques using the opportunity to showcase new models, prototypes and supercars.

The Capitalist's spy in the Swiss capital noted that quite a few car manufacturers were using scantily-clad models to advertise their own motors.

Models were spotted caressing cars from Rolls Royce, Audi, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Nissan and Ferrari at this year's event.

Even Chinese tech firm Techrules presented its hybrid supercar concept, China's first supercar, alongside a female model wearing a glittering blue dress which matched the motor.

The presence of girls to brighten up the stage at the car show is unfortunately timed, as the City gears up to celebrate International Women's Day next week.

Rallies, panels and celebrations will take place all over the world on Tuesday to highlight the achievements of women in history and promote gender equality.

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