US car sales surge for Ford and Fiat Chrysler, as General Motors slumps

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Ford Recalls Over 1 Million SUV's
Ford's SUV sales where up 22 per cent in February making it the best month for the line in the company’s history (Source: Getty)

Automobile sales have continued to surge in the US, with Ford the latest company to reveal stand out numbers that have blown analyst expectations out of the water.

Ford’s total sales in February grew by 20 per cent compared to a year ago, with some 217,000 vehicles sold.

Retail sales grew 11 per cent, making it the company’s best February performance since 2005.

Breaking the numbers down further, SUVs sold the best, up 22 per cent and making it the best month for the outsized car in the company’s history, while cars gained six per cent, and trucks rose five per cent.

Meanwhile, rival car maker Fiat Chrysler has reported sales increased 12 per cent compared to the same period last year, the company’s best February since 2006.

Fiat Chrysler Ram Truck pulled in a 27 per cent rise in sales, the firms best performer for the month.

Numbers have not been good for car manufactures across the board however.

General Motors' total US sales slumped 1.5 per cent in February, compared with a year earlier, though retail sales managed a seven per cent climb.

Analysts have taken it as a sign the automaker is prioritising profitability over volume.

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