Barclays' former boss Antony Jenkins pockets £505,000 bonus despite being sacked in July

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Barclays' ousted chief executive Antony Jenkins has picked up a cool £505,000 bonus, taking his total remuneration to £3.4m for the year.

This is a 40 per cent drop on last year's total pay package - and half the bonus he got for 2014 - but it's still pretty healthy considering Jenkins was sacked in July, with former chairman Sir Mike Rake saying at the time “new leadership is required to accelerate the pace of execution going forward”.

John McFarlane - also known as Mac the Knife - was even less equivocal, saying "a new approach is required," and noting that the group needed to be "much more focused on what is attractive [to shareholders], what we are good at, and where we are good at it."

Jenkins - known as the nice guy of banking - later admitted his ousting had been a surprise.

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His replacement Jes Staley, meanwhile, will pocket a £1.2m salary - more than Jenkins' last full year take home, which was £1.1m- and he will also receive "role based pay" of £1.15m - again, more than Jenkins' £950m.

Staley also received a share buy out to compensate him for unvested shares that he'd lose out on from his previous role. In total he received 2.79m Barclays shares on joining the bank.

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