Numerous flights delayed, diverted as Gatwick Airport shuts runway over oil spillage caused by Virgin 747 dumping fuel

Catherine Neilan
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Virgin Atlantic Plane Circles Over Gatwick Airport
Flights in and out are being affected (Source: Getty)

Gatwick Airport has shut its runway this morning because of an oil spillage, preventing all flights from leaving or landing.

Reports suggest a Virgin 747 dumped fuel on the tarmac, causing widespread delays since mid-morning.

The London airport tweeted this morning that it had been shut "temporarily" and would reopen "shortly" - but passengers complained they had been stuck without taking off for more than 80 minutes before that, and complained about the lack of information being given out.

The spillage was causing numerous delays to flights, with some now due to take off several hours after they were originally scheduled. Flights due to land at Gatwick have been diverted to other airports.

As the issue wore on, passenger patience started to wear out...

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