What a weekend for stag parties - a mystery bachelor spent over £10,000 in Stringfellow's on his last night of freedom, while a British stag party got detained in Berlin

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Will your stag party be loutish or luxurious? (Source: Getty)

London's bachelors really outdid themselves this weekend. While six members of a stag party were kicked off a flight from Luton for being drunk and unruly, a well-heeled bachelor staying in the city managed to blow over £10,000 on his last night of freedom.

Our spy tells us that a well-heeled stag booked a private room at Peter Stringfellow's Angels last weekend for a most unusual bachelor party.

Although the mysterious stag invited his best man, the only other guests to the party were thirty female friends and a few of their boyfriends for a night of harmless debauchery.

Stringfellow himself conceded it was “one of the best stag nights I’ve seen in any of my clubs.”

The troupe, which could only be described as having “aristocratic” backgrounds, managed to spend well over £10,000 on the stag’s big night out, but a group of British bachelors may be spending their own behind bars, and ending up even more out of pocket, after being arrested by German police for drunken loutishness.

Six men who were detained on a Ryanair flight to Bratislava on Friday evening for becoming rowdy and aggressive with security on board are now facing fines of up to €25,000 (£20,000) each.

Police officers at Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport charged the men with misdemeanours under the German aviation security laws after pilots on the flight were forced to make an unscheduled landing so the stags could be detained.

The bridegroom was among those detained, according to police reports.

We know where we would’ve rather been.

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