Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tops poll of favourite technology chief executives, and Apple's phone unlocking row with FBI has not dented view on Tim Cook either

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Facebook Executives Reveal New Features For Popular Social Networking Site
Top of the polls: Zuckerberg has reason to smile (Source: Getty)

It may be almost a teenager, but we're still fans of Facebook, or the people behind it at the very least.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has topped a poll run by intelligence company Morning Consult as the technology chief executive the greatest number of people have a favourable opinion of, with 48 per cent saying they viewed him favourably.

The social media company has not only been winning hearts recently, but has also been turning over a tidy sum. Last month, the company reported revenue of $17.9bn (£12.9bn) for 2015, sending share prices soaring up almost nine per cent in after-hours trading.

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook took second place in the Morning Consult poll with 39 per cent.

Cook recently fought the law by stating that his company would be contesting a US court ruling demanding that it break the encryption on the iPhone of one of the San Bernadino killers, arguing that it would put customer security at risk.

However, just because they are well liked doesn't mean they are always recognised. Almost a third (31 per cent) said that they either didn't care about Zuckerberg or didn't know who he was, while 44 per cent were left shrugging their shoulders over Cook.

Here's the rankings in full, in case you want to know where your personal favourite chief executive placed:

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