London workers did nearly £9,000 of unpaid overtime last year - as the UK racks up £31.5bn of unpaid work

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Culture Of Ultra-Long Work Hours Under Scrunity After Recent Deaths Of Young Bankers
People working unpaid hours could earn an average of £6,126 extra (Source: Getty)

We're all used to putting in those extra few hours a week - but how much would you make if you were actually paid for it? New research has calculated that the average London worker could have made an extra £8,669 last year...

The research by the Trades Union Congress, found 5.1m UK workers collectively did £31.5bn of unpaid overtime last year.

Londoners contributed £7.7bn of work to that, which works out at an average of 8.2 extra hours a week.

But it's those in the South East, rather than workers in the capital, who are most likely to do overtime. Some 38 per cent of people living in the South East put in unpaid hours last year, followed by 25 per cent of Londoners, and 21 per cent of those living in the East.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland just 8.3 per cent said they work unpaid hours, followed by 15 per cent of those in the North East and 16 per cent of those in the North West.

Across the UK as a whole, 19.4 per cent of workers did unpaid overtime, with the public sector making up a quarter of those who put in extra hours, while managers in the finance sector did 11.2 hours a week.

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