EU referendum: Scotland's only Ukip MEP David Coburn wants to leave the EU because his toaster is "powered by some kind of EU windmill"

Edith Hancock
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They just don't make them like they used to (Source: Getty)

As debates rumble on over the EU referendum, strong arguments are being made for why we should leave or remain - but one Ukip MEP has come up with arguably the most persuasive so far.

David Coburn, Ukip Scotland's only elected MEP said he wants the UK to leave the EU because his toaster is rubbish.

The politician claimed that Europe's bureaucratic regulations on electrical goods mean that his toaster can only manage to make a pale imitation of the beloved breakfast staple.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Coburn said EU electronics are only allowed to have "the power of one candle or something".

He is a long-standing objector to the European government's restrictions on toaster strength.

"Don't you know about these EU toasters? They’ve turned them all down and that’s why you can’t get decent toast," he raged. "My old toaster seemed to be powered by the Torness nuclear reactor and this one is powered by some kind of EU windmill.

"It’s very, very raw. I like my toast cremated, I don’t like it looking like it’s been cooked in the Antarctic on an ice float."

Despite imposing restrictions on the sale of high-powered vacuum cleaners, the European Commission denied that there's any red tape around high-energy toasters.

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