Half of UK employees have fallen out with co-workers over the best dates to take annual leave

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Terrifying scenes as thousands of financiers book the same days off (Source: Getty)

Most of us will be thinking of booking our summer holiday right now, but be careful you don't make any enemies in the process.

Half of UK employees have fallen out with a colleague when fighting over the best days to take annual leave, and the boys and girls in the City are the most cutthroat.

Women were more likely to fall out over annual leave, making up over two thirds of those who admitted to fighting with colleagues, according to a survey from online travel agency Sunshine.

Competitive financiers and marketers are the most brutal when it comes to claiming good dates. The survey claims that those working in the finance sector made up more than a quarter of people who admitted to falling out with a colleague, while those in marketing, PR and retail were also likely to come to blows.

But rather than proferring an olive branch, Chris Clarkson, managing director of Sunshine, advises gazumping your co-workers.

"It's a shame that holiday bookings are causing clashes in UK workplaces, but the best advice that we could possibly give is to be extra organised with your holidays," he said. "If you know you want to go away during a certain week in a certain month, get in there early and book the time off before someone else does."

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