LFW: Fintech firm Payfriendz brings big money to LFW with a dress made from £5,000 cash

Edith Hancock
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The moneyed minidress took 15 hours to make
he world's designers have been showcasing the most outrageous and indulgent fashion trends on Brewer Street at London Fashion Week, but one fintech firm has gone one step further and created a dress made from £5,000 cash for the event.

Styled on the classic shift dress, the financial frock is made of 600 £2 coins, with concertina sleeves made from £3,800 worth of £50 notes to complete the £5,000 look.Hoping to show the benefits of a cashless society and prove physical money is outdated, payments app Payfriendz sewed hundreds of coins and notes together to give trend-setters another way to use up their pennies.

The dress weighs an impressive 20kg, almost half the weight of the average catwalk model, and took over 15 hours to make.

Although it's not all about gratuitous displays of wealth. Payfriendz, which launched its peer-to-peer lending service in the UK in 2014, has donated a percentage of the cash dress to homeless charity Crisis.

Payfriendz founder Volker Breuer said: "Our Little Cash Dress is designed to evoke the imagination and present more inspiring uses for bank notes once the word fully embraced the idea to forget cash."

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