EU referendum: Here's how each MP will vote in June - mapped

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Protestors take part in a demonstration
The vote on EU membership will take place in four months time (Source: Getty)

How will your local MP vote in the EU referendum? You might be undecided, but politicians are not.

London mayor Boris Johnson and the Conservative candidate to replace him, Zac Goldsmith are among the high-profile names to have now aligned themselves with a side.

But many MPs not in the spotlight have also come out to show their support, one way or the other, for the campaigns, which have now kicked off in earnest following Prime Minister David Cameron naming the date.

Here's who's voting Leave and who's voting Remain this June. It also includes the key cabinet ministers closest to Cameron, who have now pledged their allegiance to a side.

Nearly 150 Conservative MPs have now declared their voting intention. The party as a whole is currently swinging towards the Remain, towing the party line - but only just, with 53 per cent wanting to stay part of Europe.

Labour on the other hand, are largely united behind remaining in Europe, with 214 of its 231 MPs, including the shadow cabinet and leader Jeremy Corbyn, backing the Stay campaign.

Explore the map below by clicking or tapping each area to see who the MP is. Green is for go and red is for stay.

(Sources: City A.M. research, Labour Leave, press reports)

Or, search the list below.

We'll be keeping the map updated as and when each MP declares their choice.

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