UK weather: January 2016 was the hottest January ever recorded, scientists say

Lynsey Barber
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It's getting hot in here, says Nasa (Source: Getty)

If it felt like January was freakishly warm, you're not wrong. Scientists have crunched the numbers to determine that last month was indeed a scorcher (relatively speaking).

Temperatures across the globe were 1.13 degrees Celsius above average, making it the hottest since records began 137 years ago.

The last time the record was broken was 2007 and January's soaring mercury continued a nine month streak of breaking monthly global temperature records.

Scientists have already said 2015 was the hottest on record and predicted more of the same for 2016. January has certainly got that prediction off to a good start.

That's down to man-made global warming, as well as "a smaller effect from El Niño", the weather phenomenon from unusually warm waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean, according to the Met Office.

It might have ben warm, but it was still traditionally rainy in the UK. It was also the fourth wettest January in Britian since 1910, recieving 152 per cent of the month's average rainfall.

The researchers at Nasa and the National Centres for Environmental Information outlined some of the strange weather and climate events that kicked off the year.

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