It's official: Twitter's getting Gifs with search support for web, iOS and Android from Giphy and Riffsy

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Twitter is adding a new feature which will likely please most of the internet this time: gif support.

Users will be able to search for and add gifs to their tweets directly in Twitter.

"Whenever you're composing a tweet or direct message, you can search and browse the gif library. So if you're looking for the perfect cat yawn or dance move to express exactly how you feel, just click the new gif button. You can search by keyword, or browse categories of different reactions like Happy Dance, Mic Drop, or YOLO," said Twitter product manager Sasank Reddy.

The giftastic gif search will roll out to everyone on, iOS and Android phones in the coming weeks.

Here's how Twitter revealed the news.

Twitter is working with Giphy and Riffsy to support the gifs feature. Google for gifs startup Giphy yesterday raised $55m (£38m) in new VC cash, demonstrating just how lucrative gifs can be.

The popularity of gifs will mean the feature is probably more acceptable to users who have rallied against other features such as reordering of timelines and a possible 140 charcter limit expansion.

The new features are an attempt to turnaround slowing user growth, which in fact went into reverse its latest results revealed last week. However, newly returned boss Jack Dorsey must balance the demands of highly engaged long time users with making the platform more attractive and welcoming to new users.

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