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You're so vain, you probably think this article is about you (Source: Getty)

Brits might get accused of being vain, but it turns out we're not even top of the list of countries when it comes to time spent on personal grooming.

That honour goes to Italy, where people spend an average of 5.6 hours each week bathing, shaving, dressing doing their hair and perfecting their make-up.

That's according to a new study by market research group GfK. The study - based on interviews with more than 27,000 consumers in 15 countries to find out who is spending the most time in front of the mirror and why - discovered that Italians have the least disparity between men and women - spending five hours and 6.23 hours respectively.

Brits spend a relatively small average of 4.6 hours each week making themselves look more attractive, meaning the UK comes in at place number 10 on the list, behind the likes of Argentina, the US, France and Germany.

Which country takes the longest to get ready?

1) Italy: 5.6 hours

2) Argentina: 5.3 hours

3) US: 5.3 hours

4) France: 5.2 hours

5) Czech Republic: 5.1 hours

6) Germany: 5.1 hours

7) Spain: 5 hours

8) Hong Kong: 4.9 hours

9) Poland: 4.8 hours

10) UK: 4.6 hours

Globally, the group found that women spend an average of almost five hours a week on personal grooming, while men spend just over three hours.

The most popular major reason for trying to look their best, cited by 60 per cent of the 27,000 people surveyed, was to feel good about themselves. This was followed by making a good impression on people they meet for the first time (44 per cent) and setting a good example for their children (40 per cent).

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