What kind of EU referendum voter are you? Research from Lord Ashcroft shows there are seven types of voter

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There are seven different kinds of voter (Source: Getty)

As the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU edges closer new research has found that there are seven different kinds of voter.

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Referendum polling by Lord Ashcroft polls found that the seven different kinds lie on a spectrum, from those who are dead set that the UK should vote to leave the EU, to those who are convinced beyond doubt that the UK should remain a member. But which kind are you?

Nothing to Lose

Some 25 per cent of Britons are Nothing to Lose voters. They think that Britain is definitely going in the wrong direction, are concerned about the level of immigration and basically think it's time the UK packed its suitcase and left.

Global Britain

These voters are generally optimistic for the UK, and believe that staying in the EU poses greater risks for the the UK than leaving does. One in seven of Britons are this way inclined, believing the UK would do better in the global economy outside the EU.

Hard-Pressed Undecideds

These guys worry about their own prospects and are not sure if issues such as immigration are dealt with better inside or outside of the EU. One in five Britons think this way.

Listen to DC

Not Washington D.C., David Cameron. This group - one in seven voters - are as of yet undecided about how to vote but think leaving sounds like a bigger risk than staying. They're likely to be persuaded by a strong lead from the Prime Minister.

If it Ain't Broke

You know the saying. One in eight British voters don't think we'll solve problems such as immigration if we're in or out of the EU, so we may as well avoid the risk of changing.

I'm Alright Jacques

Just over one in ten British voters are in this group. They're happy with life, optimistic for Britain, positive about immigration, and simply don't think leaving makes sense: leaving would be too much of a risk.

Citizens of the World

The remaining tenth of the population are extremely committed to staying in the EU. They value having human rights guaranteed by Europe as well as free movement.

So at least now if you're undecided and confused over whether or not the UK should stay in the EU, you can take solace in knowing you belong to one of the above groups.

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